iap-Software Announces Quick Response Email Service

03/24/2015 08:53

Tacoma – March 24, 2015 – iap-Software has today announced their new Quick Response email service. With this the support team will get back to you within one hour during working hours. They have expanded their support team to make sure your question is answered as soon as possible. And if it isn’t answered within that hour, they will provide you a free $5 iap-Software gift card*.

In celebration of the launch they’re also offering a new super email response service. This is for the first week only. With that they’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.

The new Quick Response email service is available to all users starting today. It’s completely free and no action is required to get it. All you need to do is just email them at iappletech128@gmail.com. You get it automatically without any prior actions.

If you’re interested in helping iappletech128 in making their support team ever better please refer to their jobs page.



Jobs page


*Upon request