This app is in legacy mode, which means that we are not going to update it or offer support on it. It is also no longer for sale.

MyMail Secure


MyMail Secure Screenshots

MyMail Secure is the same great email-managing app as MyMail, but requires a username and password. When you sign in your browser remembers you password and if you loose your device someone could access that information. With MyMail Secure they can’t!


Category: Social Networking

Price: $0.99

Supports: iOS, Android, and Windows

Internet Needed: Yes

Size: NA

*Video review coming soon.

App Updates

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Latest update: 5/10/15

Version 1.0.2

  • Minor text edits
  • Mail services will now open within the app
  • Cleaned out the clutter, removing “More software” and “Rate app” from the “More…” section.

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App Support

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MyMail Secure FAQ

How do I update the app?

If you go to "More..." > "About" you will see the version number. If it is different from an update on our site, follow these instructions to update the app:

*This is on the iPhone or iPad. If you are on Android you will do something similar. Just find your browser settings and clear all cash, cookies, and data.

1. Delete the app

2. Go to Settings > Safari and delete all of your cookies and data from you web browser.

3. Go to the download site and install it again.

That’s it! 

How do I download the app on iOS?

First, you want to click the download button above. Next, there will be a pop-up box telling you how to download it. If that doesn't come up you will want to click the share button and then "Add to home screen". You will be prompted to enter a name and then click the add button.

How do I download the app on Android?

First, you want to click the download button above. Then, you want to add the page to your bookmarks. Open your bookmarks page and hold on the bookmark. A box will pop up giving you some options. Click the "Add to home screen" button. 

I need an account to access the app. How do I do that?

For security reasons you can’t register within the app anymore. After you buy the app we will send you a code and a link to where you can create your account. Just go here, fill out the form, and within 24 hours you’ll have an account. 

How do I install it on Windows?

First, you want to click the download button at the top of the page. Then click the three dots in the bottom right corner. Third from the bottom it will say “Pin to start”. Click that and then you can move the tile around to your liking.