iappletech128 (App)

Version 3.0.10

  • News pulls from new site
  • Removed latest news section. Now you'll see all the news!
  • Search now pulls from the new site
  • Events pull from new site

Version 3.0.9

  • New, more simple and higher quality icon
  • New, simpler homepage and loading logo

Version 3.0.8

  • No more ads!
Version 3.0.7
  • Fixed an issue where no videos would load
  • Name now shows up as "iap" on your home screen, keeping it simple.
  • Rounded the icon a little on the homepage and boot screen

Version 3.0.6

  • We’ve removed the clutter, getting rid of the following tabs under “More…”
  •     Rate the app
  •     Share the app
  •     View more of our software
  • Updated our contact email address
  • Minor text edits

Version 3.0.5

  • Added Android push notifications.
  • Added Windows phone push notifications.
  • Minor text edits.

Version 3.0.4

  • Re-added iOS Push Notifications

Version 3.0.3

  • Fixed searching archives on iPhone
  • Removed “Push Notifications” for now. Learn why here.
  • Reverted icon to how it was before.
  • New iOS 8 wallpaper on the iPhone.
  • Minor text edits
  • Added “Our Team” tab

Version 3.0.2

·      Removed “Podcasts” tab. Find out why here.

·      Added push notifications under “More…”

Version 3.0.1

·      Added “Podcasts” tab to app

·      Text color tweaks

·      Added swipe action to view other pages

Version 3.0

·      Now supports iOS 7

·      New icon to fit with iOS 7 look

·      New iOS 7 wallpaper for the iPhone

·      iPad optimized wallpaper

·      Videos now open in the app

·      Bug fixes including:

1.     RSS feed error

2.     Share app via email now works properly

Version 2.2.2

·      Slightly rearranged “More…” page

·      New version number image

·      Slight text adjustments

·      Fixed bug where “Feature doesn’t work on iPhone” under “Search Archives” would not load.

Version 2.2.1

·      Bug fixes including:

1.     Fixed link when sharing the app via email. It will now redirect you to the mail app rather than Safari.

·      Added ability to share app via Google+.

·      Added button under “Search Archives” Letting users know why the feature doesn’t work on the iPhone.

·      Improvements including:

1.     Text and format edits.

2.     New “Search Archives” icon.

3.     Tweaked support links to take you to the new software site.

Version 2.2

·      New background

·      Added “Share” button under “More…” where you can share the app via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

·      New tab at the top under “News” to search article archives. 

Version 2.1.3

·      “Help” button name changed to “More”.

·      Added section under “More” to discover more software by iappletech128.

Version 2.1.2

·      Tweaked text under the “About” section.

Version 2.1.1

·      Added section under “Help” to rate the app.

Version 2.1

·      New videos tab, which will take you directly to our YouTube page.

·      “More news” tab under the news tab.

·      Help section.

·      About section under the help section. 

Version 2.0

·      Bug fixes addressing missing “New articles” tab.

·      New design and layout.

Version 1.1.1

·      Fixed issue where some users could not open the app.

·      Fixed issue with a broken download link for the app. 

Version 1.1

·      Support for the iPhone including iPhone 5.

·      New layout and design.

·      Add articles to a favorites list via Facebook.

·      Read articles related to the one you are reading by clicking the rocket ship icon at the bottom of an article. 


Version 1.1.3

·       Minor text edits

·       Mail services will now open within the app

·       Cleaned out the clutter, removing “More software” and “Rate app” from the “More…” section.

Version 1.1.2

·      Fixed broken link when requesting a new service

·      Text edits

Version 1.1.1

·      New “Share” icon

·      New “Mail” icon

·      Different text

·      Updated “Share” page

·      Added Google+ share option

Version 1.1

·      iOS 7 support

·      New mail services including

1.     iCloud Mail

2.     Mail.com

·      Added option to request new mail service

·      iPad optimized wallpaper

Version 1.0.1

·      Tweaked text under “More…”

·      New “More…” icon

·      Added version number under “About”

·      Slightly rearranged “More…” page

MyMail Secure

Version 1.0.1

·      Fixed security flaw where someone could register in the app and access it.


Version 1.1.6


  • New click sound
  • Sound applied to hotkeys
  • Minor text edits
  • Quit button color edits
  • Updated help images
  • New Help button color

Version 1.1.5

  • New icon that stands out better in dark backgrounds
  • Button color improvements for OS X Yosemite
  • OS X Yosemite support

Version 1.1.4

  • Minor text edits

Version 1.1.3

·      Fixed bug with location of the window

·      Tweaked link when sharing via email

·      Added popover when selecting the help button

Version 1.1.2

·      Text edits

·      Disabled resizing

Version 1.1.1

·      Added support for OS X 10.7

·      Support for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

·      Text edits

·      Preferences window bug fix

Version 1.1

·      Added “Check for Update” option

·      Text edits and tweaks

·      Added option to search for help

·      New “Preferences” window

·      Added “Rate App” option

·      Added “Help” option on main window

·      Can now share app via social networks

·      Tweaked “Show All” hotkey

·      Slightly rearranged menu bar

JotSpot iOS

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed tutorial page image scaling issues on certain devices.

  • Fixed issue where info box would not scroll.

Version 1.0.2

  • App title centered on iPhone 6/s/7 Plus
  • Redesigned tutorial page
  • Minor text edits
  • Release notes section will start pinned to top

Version 1.0.1

  • Text area will not be covered by keyboard in landscape mode.
  • Increased font size for easier viewing on small screens.
  • New placeholder added in text entry box.


JotSpot macOS

Version 1.1.7


  • Minor text edits
  • Mastered for OS X El Capitan
  • New Google+ share icon
  • Dark Mode improvements

Version 1.1.6

  • Menu notepad improvements
  • Check for updates now gone. You can do it from the Mac App Store!
  • Licensing gone. It's done from the Mac App Store!
  • Help image and text updates
  • Rating the app takes you to the App Store now
  • Other minor text edits
  • Minor backend code edits

Version 1.1.5

  • No one found the Easter egg! It’s now gone.
  • Menu bar notepad edits
  • Now links to new site
  • Sandboxed and improved for App Store submission

Version 1.1.4

  • Lots of Help windows edits, including
    • Windows placement edits
    • Naming fixes
    • Removed resize option
    • Ability to open the window multiple times again
  • A hidden Easter egg. Can you find it?
  • Now signed as a developer so you can open it for the first time easier.

Version 1.1.3

  • Updated save warning icon
  • More dark mode improvements
  • Full screen support
  • Windows now resizable
  • Updated share buttons
  • Help page edits including:

    -Updated menu image

    -Added notepad tip


  • Added “Release Notes” section.
  • Automatic updates via AppFresh

Version 1.1.2

  • Added note pad within the menu icon
  • New check for updates page that auto checks for you.
  • Added keyboard shortcut for preferences.
  • More dark mode improvements.
  • Menu bar edits
  • Other minor window improvements

Version 1.1.1

  • Text edits
  • New menu bar icon that stand out in dark mode
  • Updated help images
  • New dark mode
  • New preferences window
  • Minor updated window placement
  • New section to view your license number

Version 1.1

  • Updated design for OS X Yosemite
  • OS X Yosemite support
  • New user interface icons
  • Other bug fixes and minor improvements


  • New icon

Version 1.0.2:

  • Added preference to change menu icon and cursor style
  • Minor edits under the “Help” window
  • Other text edits

Version 1.0.1

·      Text edits

·      Added tooltip for open button

·      Added help button for saving and opening documents



Version 1.0.1

  • We've added printing compatibility!
  • Added labels to the major navigation buttons on the bottom for less confusion.
  • Major Help window improvements


Webloc Generator


Version 1.2

  • Added new Release Notes window
  • Now signed as a developer so you can open it for the first time easier!
  • New app icon, which now matches the webloc icon for OS X Yosemite and El Capitan.
  • Tested and approved for OS X El Capitan!
  • Some other code edits
  • Other windows of the app now styled to look similar to the main window.
  • Minor text edits
  • Website button now links to new iappletech128 site.

Version 1.1.4

  • Bug fix with check for updates page

Version 1.1.3

  • Minor text edits
  • New check for updates page that auto checks for you.
  • Support for app updates via AppFresh.
  • View web pages right form the webloc. No need to open it.
  • New how to save + tips page
  • Simpler create interface
  • New complete sound

Version 1.1.2

  • Support for OS X Yosemite
  • New editing tools, like copy, paste, cut, undo, and more.
  • New example placeholder link
  • Removed “Drop image here” section under “Icon” due to some confusion.
  • Minor text edits.

Version 1.1.1

  • Minor text edits
  • Added close button to window on how to add an icon to weblocs

Version 1.1

Added option to add an icon to your weblocs

Minor text edits

Ability to paste link into create field

Added sharing links


iappletech128 (Widget)

Version 2.0.4

  • Support for OS X Yosemite
  • Button redesigns for OS X Yosemite
  • Article bug fix
  • Other minor tweaks

Version 2.0.3

·      Support for OS X Mavericks

·      Minor text edits

Version 2.0.2

·      Changes to the back including:

1.   New rounded icon

2.   Added copyright

·      Bug fix where RSS feed would not load

Version 2.0.1

·      Bug fixes including:

1.     Problem where all three back buttons were a different color.

2.     Problem where articles opened in a new window, not tab.

3.     Problem where bottom bar was a different color from the top.

·      Added slogan after the name.

·      Tweaked support link to take you to the new site. 

Version 2.0

·      Huge design change to the whole widget. These include:

1.     Auto buttons that don’t require a click to change sides of the widget.

2.     Setting to change how much you want to see of the article.

3.     Can now click on an article name to read the rest of it.

·      Designed to take up less space on your dashboard.

·      Bug fix that would not let you have TriGauge and version 2 of iappletech128 installed on the dashboard at the same time (bug only found to beta testers, not users). 

Version 1.0.3

·      Redesigned back page including:

-     Rearranged buttons

-     New version number section

-     New text section

Version 1.0.2

·      Added link to review the widget.  

Version 1.0.1

·      Updated support link to take you directly to the widget support page.

·      Added version number info on the back. 


Version 1.2.1

  • More UI tweaks for OS X Yosemite.

Version 1.2

  • Support for OS X Yosemite
  • New, flat looking buttons and gauges
  • Stability improvements

Version 1.1.1

  • Added support for OS X Mavericks
  • Text edits

Version 1.1

·      Tweaked widget icon

·      Changes to the back of the widget including:

1.     Text color change

2.     New rounded iappletech128 icon

3.     Added copyright


·      Tweaked support link to take users to the new software site.

·      Adjusted icon to make it round. 

Version 1.0.1

·      New buttons to go to the front and back page that look more natural, not a bright blue.

·      New auto buttons, which don’t require a click to be activated.

·      Moved iappletech128 logo to fit the done button.

iappletech128 Videos (Extension)

Version 1.2

·      Searching for videos will now open in the extension, not a new tab

·      New notification design and layout (Chrome only; may require Chrome update)

·      New item in menu bar where notification is stored (Chrome only; may require Chrome update)

Version 1.1.1

·      Slight text color tweaks

Version 1.1

·      New background

·      New video title color

·      New video description color

Version 1.0.1

·      Added “Videos” part to the end of the name.

iappletech128 for Chrome

Version 1.1


  • New icon
  • Links to new site
  • Now installs to your desktop or Launchpad, not just come itself!

Version 1.0.1

·      Updated square icon


Tech Stickers

Version 1.1:
  • 8 new, animated tech stickers!
  • New tablet sticker
  • New smartphone sticker
  • Background now transparent on camera sticker
  • Size more uniform across all stickers
  • Now supports a minimum version of iOS 10.1