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Official iappletech128 App

iOS, Android, and Windows:

Get all of the latest tech news in one app. See the latest articles, reviews, how-tos, and more. Never get behind on the news! We make videos and articles all week long so you don’t have to go anywhere else except here!

Download the official iappletech128 app for iOS, Andriod, and Windows for FREE below!


Category: News

Price: $0.00

Supports: iOS 4+, Android 2.3+, and Windows Phone 8+

Internet Needed: Yes

Size: NA for iOS or Windows, 537 KB for Android


iappletech128 for Chrome

With this simple app for Google Chrome you can get quick access to the latest tech news via the iappletech128 site.  A simple click on the icon gives you Apple rumors, leaks, news, and more.

Download the official iappletech128 app for Chrome for FREE below!


Category: News

Price: $0.00

Supports: Chrome

Internet Needed: Yes

Size: 12.95 KB for Chrome

App Updates

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Want to see what was new in earlier versions? Check out the previous versions page here. You will find it at the bottom of the page. 

iOS, Andriod, and Windows:

Latest update: 8/3/15

Version 3.1

  • Support for iOS 9
  • New background to match the new site


Latest update: 8/15/16

Version 1.1.1

  • Links to new site

App Support

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If you have any questions regarding that app please be sure to email us your question here. We would be happy to help!

Also, if you would like you question or solution added to the FAQ list be sure to email us and we will do so.

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How do I update the app?

You don't need to do anything! Everything will automatically update. It may ask you if you want to update now. Just click update and the app will reload.

When I launch the app there is a blank white background. Is there a problem with the app?

This is a clear sign that you are not running the latest version of the app. From this we can tell that you are running version 2.1.3 or earlier. In version 2.2 we changed the background and this some how affected the background on earlier versions. To update the app please refer to the first FAQ article. 

How do I download the app on iOS?

First, you want to click the download button above. Next, there will be a pop-up box telling you how to download it. If that doesn't come up you will want to click the share button and then "Add to home screen". You will be prompted to enter a name and then click the add button.

How do I download the app on Android?

First, you want to click the download button above. Then, you want to add the page to your bookmarks. Open your bookmarks page and hold on the bookmark. A box will pop up giving you some options. Click the "Add to home screen" button. 

How do I update the iappletech128 for Chrome app?

If you know that the app has been updated all you need to do is quit Chrome and then open it again. The changes should show up. If that doesn't work you can delete the app and download it again.

How do I install it on Windows?

First, you want to click the download button at the top of the page. Then click the three dots in the bottom right corner. Third from the bottom it will say “Pin to start”. Click that and then you can move the tile around to your liking.

Why does it ask me if I want to install the app within the app (iOS)?

This is because we created an entry for the app in the App Store but got rejected. We cannot remove the banner when isntalling the app for the first time. However, once you dismiss it the app will never ask you again.