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It’s time to go back to retro games… with a modern touch. Choose where to place your marker on the board as you play against the computer. It starts off easy, but as you play the computer gets smarter. See how many times you an win!

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Category: Games

Price: $0.00

Supports: Windows XP and up

Internet Needed: No

Size: Windows: 2.1 MB

TicTacToe Update

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Latest update: 1/9/15

Version 1.0



TicTacToe Support

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TicTacToe FAQ

How do I install the app (Windows)?

The app can run anywhere, which means that you can put it anywhere you want. You can put it in the desktop and anywhere else. Just unzip the folder and you're done!

How do I install the app (OS X)?

Everything you need to know can be found within the folder that you downloaded. In there is also a document that tells you how to run it.

How do I play the game?

Click anywhere on the board to place your chip. Then just keep placing your chips so the computer doesn't win.