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ListSpot is the first app to let you make any type of list, all in one place. With our unique but generic list-making tool, you can create anything. Here's some examples of what you can do:
- To-do list
- Wish list
- Grocery list
- Name of class and grade in it
- Item and price
- For stores, item and aisle it's on
And so much more! This isn't just a to-do list app. We wanted it to be so much more. That's why it's set up for use as anything.


Category: Productivity

Price: $0.99

Supports: OS X (10.7 or higher)

Internet Needed: No

Size: 731 KB


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Latest update: 2/11/16

Version 1.0.2

  • Got a suggestion? We're listening! You can now provide feedback under the Help menu.
  • Fixes scaling issues created with previous version.
  • Text edits


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ListSpot FAQ

How do I create a new entry?

Click the big plug button in the bottom right or use command enter.

How do I delete and entry?

Use the big minus button in the bottom right or use command delete.

How do I change headers?

Right now you can't, but you can create an entry and keep it at the top. Then name it what you want and have it act as the header.