Introducing the New Software Site

05/06/2017 17:09

With nearly 5 years in service, we’re excited to announce a big change to our software website. Over the past few months we’ve been working tirelessly on a brand new website. It takes the skills that we’ve learned over the years of making great apps and implemented that into a new website. Everything is different: the layouts, the pages, and the services that we offer. While most of the changes are for the good, we’ve make a few changes to our services program that you should know about.

First, we’ve changed where the page is being hosted. Like an office space, our current service provider was just not keeping up with us. So we moved out. The web address has now changed from Webnode to Site11. That means all you have to do is place “.site11” right after iap-software. If you ever forget, just come to this website and there’ll be a link to the new site. We’ll also be updating our software over the next few months to include the correct website link.

Other than software, another thing that we sold on our website was services. Over the years the list changed, but not too long ago we offered gift cards and software bundles. While very important to us, services were not a big part of our company. That’s why when it came to making the new website we had to step back and reevaluate what we were offering. We made the decision to stop selling those services and focus only on software. Gift cards will no longer be sold, including discount cards. As for our software bundles, the apps for iOS will be handled through the App Store and when the ability to do so comes to the Mac App Store we’ll offer it from there.

If you have an existing gift card that has not been redeemed or a discount, contact us and we’ll be able to help you with that and come up with a solution. If you have any other questions about the new site feel free to email us, reach out on Twitter, or text us. Thanks for your understanding and keep enjoying that software!


The iappletech128 Team