iappletech128 Ends Physical Software Bundle, Opts for Digital Only

07/01/2015 09:28

Seattle- July 1, 2015 – iappletech128 and iap-Software have just provided notice that they are no longer going to offer the physical version of the iappletech128 Software Bundle. Rather, they are replacing it with a digital-only version. Users will be able to buy all of the software at a discounted rate. Then, the download links will be provided for the software. There are now only two versions of the bundle: one that comes with all of the paid and free software and the other that comes with just the paid version. The first option will cost $1.29 and the second option will cost $1.59. Users would be more inclined to go for the more expensive option if they are not looking for more clutter and just want the paid software. Each purchase comes with updates to all software so they will be sure to know when there are new versions available.

Pricing will vary based on the software that is available. When more paid applications become available they will raise the price of the different bundles.


Pricing table

iappletech128 Software Bundle product page