iappletech128 Announces Free iap+ Card

12/21/2014 15:04

Tacoma - December 21, 2014 - iappletech128 today announced a new user loyalty card for iap-Software, called iap+. This card offers users benefits with having to pay. The VIP and VIP+ cards are still available, but the iap+ is like a smaller, more slimed down version for users who aren’t avid buyers. The iap+ card offers 10% off anything on the store as well as access to beta software. 

They have also updated the VIP and VIP+ card, with the ability to also have access to beta software. This allows users to sign up for Affiliate iap and have access to software beats.

iap+ and the updated VIP cards will be available for purchase on Monday, December 21 from the VIP card section of the site. That page can be found here.




iap+ pricing table

VIP card pricing table