iap-Software Launches Their New Games

01/09/2015 15:13

Tacoma - January 9, 2015 - Today on behalf of our team in Portland, iappletech128 is proud to announce it’s release of their games. After two months of testing by our amazing team of Affiliate iap members and multiple betas, it’s time to release our new genre: Games.

While exporting the games for normal use, we encountered a major problem. Game Maker for Mac doesn’t let you export games in a .app file. So we have to have users download Game Maker and we just provide you with the Game Maker file that you can then run. It’s complicated, but everything you need to know is provided in the download.

The following games are available for free to anyone on a Mac and PC starting today. Below are the descriptions of the games and what they are capable of.

Evil Clutches


OS X and Windows

Help the mother dragon save her babies and avoid death by the evil demons. Shoot fire balls at the demons and evil babies while also trying to save the good babies. Learn more here.

Capture the Clown


OS X and Windows

Try to capture the clown! This sneaky clown likes to get away and every time you capture him he just goes faster! Challenge your friends to see who can get him the most before giving up. Learn more here.



Windows (*Note: OS X version is in the works. There are many bugs with it and will not make the initial launch.)

It’s time to go back to retro games… with a modern touch. Choose where to place your marker on the board as you play against the computer. It starts off easy, but as you play the computer gets smarter. See how many times you an win! Learn more here.

Again, the following games are available within the “Games” section of the website. You can visit the main landing page of the games here.



Evil Clutches (Windows)

Evil Clutches (OS X)

Evil Clutches screenshots

Capture the Clown (Windows)

Capture the Clown (OS X)

Capture the Clown screenshots

TicTacToe (Windows)

TicTacToe screenshots