iap-Software Announces Closing of Affiliate Site

03/14/2015 09:23

Tacoma – March 14, 2015 – iappletech128 and iap-Software have today come to the conclusion that they are going to close the Affiliate iap website. The referral rate was very low and is just another project that they’re not focusing on any more. The site will be closing on April 1, 2015. After that date all accounts will be terminated and no one will be able to access the full site. Users have until the first of next month to redeem their points for rewards.

The beta software will be moving from the Affiliate iap site to the iap-Software site. When a beta is available for download there will be another link under the main download purchase button. That will download the beta of the software for free, just as before.


Affiliate iap Site