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Mark Paris is the CEO, Editor, and Production Manager for iappletech128 and iap-Software. Mark is located in Tacoma. WA. He grew up with Apple just starting out. He never really knew much about Apple and their devices up until about 2010 when he got his first iPad. Since then Mark has loved playing...
Ryan Bliss is the Software Developer and Webmaster for iappletech128 and iap-Software. He is currently a student in Portland, OR. While using his Apple devices Ryan was amazed by how all of the software was created. Since then he has been working to learn to code and make apps. Now, his dream has...

Press Releases

01/23/2015 13:43
Tacoma - January 23, 2015 - It’s the start of a new semester for students and with all those grade money they need something to send their money on. That’s why iappletech128 has today launched...
01/20/2015 16:27
Tacoma - January 20, 2015 - After much consideration, the iappletech128 and iap-Software team have decided to retire two services: Inbox Cleaning and Custom Chrome App. There are a few reasons why...
01/12/2015 15:09
Tacoma - January 12, 2015 - To save you money on some great software and services, iappletech128 had decided to create a new offers page on the iap-Software site. This allows you to find special...
01/09/2015 15:13
Tacoma - January 9, 2015 - Today on behalf of our team in Portland, iappletech128 is proud to announce it’s release of their games. After two months of testing by our amazing team of Affiliate iap...
12/26/2014 08:58
Portland - December 26, 2014 - After much consideration, the iappletech128 and iap-Software team has decided to retire the iappletech128 Videos extension. That means that it will be entering legacy...
12/21/2014 15:04
Tacoma - December 21, 2014 - iappletech128 today announced a new user loyalty card for iap-Software, called iap+. This card offers users benefits with having to pay. The VIP and VIP+ cards are still...
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